Monarchy’s Got Talent – how the Kate, Wills and George effect might win it for the Royals Down Under

So Kate, Wills and gorgeous baby George are embarking on their 18 day PR exercise to woo Australasia.

For the next 3 weeks, much of the world will be bamboozled with media coverage of the glamorous young couple and their little prince as they traverse the lands of Oz and New Zealand.

Of course, the trip isn’t just a cynical PR exercise. The second in line to the throne is representing the Queen as the Head of State for both countries – Her Maj has a duty to her subjects down under as much as this side of the pond.

But royal officials know all too well that they’re onto something PR-wise here and surely must regard the trio as their Willy Wonka golden ticket – potential saviours of the monarchy overseas.

They must hope this trip will help to capitalise on the small shift in public opinion over the last six months in favour of the royals. ABC news in Australia reports that only 38 per cent of people are now in favour of cutting Australia’s ties to the monarchy, compared with 45 per cent of voters in the 1999 referendum on the subject.

Will the Kate, Wills and George effect be able to turn the tide even further for team Windsor? Well, this current royal tour is not without its hitches already. Kate has come under fire for ordering a front facing car seat for George during the foreign tour of New Zealand. And, there has been a diplomatic falling out with the King of the Maoris who angrily rejected a meeting with the couple when he discovered they could only spare him 90 minutes out of their busy schedule.

But the Cambridge’s will be determined to turn things around. As the godfather of PR, Robert Leaf argues in his latest memoirs, modern day PR is now primarily about perception management, or persuasion, and doing it effectively is the real key to success for corporations, countries, organisations and even individuals.

I’d imagine that’s exactly what the HM PR machine is trying to achieve over the next 3 weeks. Good looks, friendly charm, accessibility and a very cute baby are their strategic tools to persuade the Antipodean nations that the British monarchy should be for keeps.

So, we’ll have to see how the next 18 days pan out and whether this royal PR strategy pays off. Will they manage to get 3 yes’s from the British, Australian and New Zealand public? My money is on little George nailing it.


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